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Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer - Review

Today I am giving my review of Paradise Prison by Faith Mortimer. I originally received this book in December 2016 directly from Faith in exchange for an honest review in time for the books publication date. It's taken me five months, but I finally feel able to put my thoughts down about this book. Faith has been lovely and understanding about my reasons for this delay, so please read on so I can explain. 

Paradise Prison

During a huge row, Gillian stands up to her abusive boyfriend. The consequences are horrendous and far-reaching.
Terrified, she flees her home, seeking anonymity abroad while coming to terms with the outcome of her actions.
In Portugal, Gillian meets Harry, a yachtsman, needing crew for his Atlantic Ocean-crossing. She applies for the job. Half-way into the journey, after confessing to her crime, Harry offers her refuge on an uninhabited island in the Caribbean which he says he owns.
Confused and depressed, Gillian imagines this is the answer to her problems. She needs time to lie low and consider her options; confront the authorities or live in obscurity? Harry is offering the perfect hiding place…or is he?
When things start going horribly wrong, she asks herself if she is alone on the island. But maybe the biggest question of all is why she gets the gut feeling Harry wants to keep her there at all costs?
What happens when she says … no?

My Review

Paradise Prison is the fourth book in the Dark Minds series by Faith Mortimer, which is a collection of stand alone novels. I hadn't read any of her other books but this sounded really interesting and I jumped at the chance to read and review it. 

The story kicks off immediately and I was sucked into what was happening and I really felt for Gillian, what she was having to deal with was horrendous and she ended up in a situation that wasn't her fault but she had to face the consequences. 

Gillian goes through both the fight and flight instinct in her situation. but ends up sticking with the flight option to deal with the aftermath. She escapes her life but ends up in a situation far worse than she would have done had she remained to face the music. 

Though I felt for Gillian, I don't think she is a particularly likeable character, but I'm not sure that she's supposed to be. Harry is also an unlikable character and he becomes worse and worse as the story goes on as you can imagine. Even though they were unlikable it didn't affect my reading enjoyment and I still wanted to know what happened. 

When we get to the island the story does become a bit repetitive, but this is important to the story and it helps build the monotony of life there and the feeling of isolation that Gillian feels. I also got a weird feeling of both freedom and claustrophobia which grew the longer Gillian is there. 

The story is really well written and it was something different than anything I have ever read in a thriller. 

Now this is the bit that's difficult to write for me, there's some things that happen later in the book (which I won't spoil obviously) that triggered an anxiety episode and I had to keep reading, but not in an enjoyable way, in a panicked way to find out what happened. I have never had this happen before while reading a book and I didn't know myself that this would happen to me. This isn't the fault of the author as giving any information about this bit of the book would be a spoiler and would ruin some of the suspense and tension. With this happening I didn't feel I could give an honest review as my irrational brain was just saying give it one star. This would not have been representative of how good the book actually is and would have just been a knee jerk response due to my own personal feelings. So I put three stars down as a compromise. I have tried to write this review countless times since, but have not managed until today. Now that I have been able to distance myself from my response and thought about the book and the story I have decided that a true rating is four stars and I will be amending Goodreads to reflect this. 

So yes I would recommend this book, I'm just sorry it's taken so long for me to be able to share my review with everyone.  

About The Author 

Faith Mortimer was born in Manchester and educated in Singapore, Malaya and Hampshire, England. A Registered nurse,then changed careers to oversee a number of travel and sport related companies. Faith is happily married and has two children. She lives in the south of England and so far, has written three series of books which are also, all standalone novels.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

The Silence by Katharine Johnson - Blog Tour Review and Guest Post

Today I am so pleased to be a part of the blog tour for The Silence by Katharine Johnson and I will be sharing my review and a special guest post from the author. 

The Silence

Doctor Abby Fenton has a rewarding career, a loving family, an enviable lifestyle - and a secret that could destroy everything. 
When human remains are discovered in the grounds of an idyllic Tuscan holiday home she is forced to confront the memories she has suppressed until now and relive the summer she spent at the villa in 1992. A summer that ended in tragedy. The nearer she gets to the truth the closer she comes to losing her sanity. 
In order to hold onto the people she loves most, she must make sure they never discover what she did. But the reappearance of someone else from that summer threatens to blow her secret wide open.

My Review

The Silence is absolutely full of twists and turns and kept me reading to see what happened next, meaning that I read this in one sitting. The story takes place in England and Tuscany and the description of Tuscany is amazing, I really felt I was there and the sun was warming my skin as I was reading. 

The story is told both in current time and with flash backs to 1992, the flashbacks were done really well and it really added to the story instead of taking you out of what was happening. It was also interesting finding out things as Abby found them out herself. I knew pretty much nothing about the story before I read it and I'm really glad about that as I feel that is definitely the best plan for reading The Silence. 

Abby was certainly an interesting character and very well developed, but she was not a likeable character to me, some of her decisions and things that she did were not the best. I think she's supposed to be unlikeable though and it certainly took absolutely nothing away from the story, I just wanted to know everything! 

I'd definitely recommend this and I will be keeping my eye out for more from Katharine Johnson in the future. 

I gave The Silence 5 stars.

Guest Post - Book Hangover

This post is about things that get you all discombobulated once they are over, like a meal you never want to end, films you could watch over and over again and songs you could listen to on repeat, all day, every day.

There are just 8 simple questions:
Who are you and what do you do?
I’m a mum, magazine journalist, writer, reader, dreamer and procrastinator. I live in Berkshire with my husband Mike, our three children and our spaniel Monty.
What gives you an actual hangover?
Red wine
What television programme?
I love The Apprentice – largely because I wouldn’t last five minutes on it!
What film?
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched The Talented Mr Ripley – to me it’s a perfect film.
What song?
Elbow’s One Day Like This
What food?
I’m addicted to avocados (although oddly enough when I first tasted one as a teenager I thought it was so disgusting I fainted.)
Which person/people?
My family
And finally, … Which book?
That is so hard! The Great Gatsby because it’s beautifully written

About The Author

Katharine Johnson grew up in Bristol and now divides her time between Berkshire and Lucca, Italy. After doing a History degree she trained to be a journalist and has worked for a variety of magazines, writing about everything including the kitchen sink. She's loved writing since childhood and wrote her first book aged nine. When not writing she can usually be found walking her spaniel, doing the school run, playing netball or playing house in a stately home where she is a room guide. 
Katharine loves to hear from readers so if you fancy a chat do get in touch.

To Connect With Katharine Johnson

Twitter - @kjohnsonwrites

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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Brick by Conrad Jones - Blog Tour Review

Today I am super excited to be kicking off the blog tour alongside Chelle's Book Reviews for Brick by Conrad Jones. 


When a teenager is the victim of an unprovoked attack while walking his dog, a murder investigation begins. A cruel twist of fate makes his innocent family the targets of a vicious campaign of terror. As the detectives of Liverpool’s Major Investigation Team try to contain the violence, several key members of an organised crime family begin to topple, causing shock waves across the world. 

Why was the teenager attacked?

And will the villains be brought to justice? 

My Review

Well, where do I start with this book?

Bryn, the main character, is just a normal 14 year old boy going about his life when a chance occurrence irreparably changes his and his family's life . This book just shows how one moment can completely change everything. Bryn is absolutely lovely and throughout the book I was hoping against hope that things would work out for him. I didn't think I'd get behind a teenage boy as much as I did and that just shows how well written the character is. I actually found all the characters believable in one way or another and DI Braddick was really interesting. 

It was really interesting to see gangs/crime families based in the UK as I think all other gang related books I have read have been based in America. Their workings are so intricate and how each affects the other is fascinating and just incredibly well written. It's also terrifying to think just how much influence some people can have and the lengths some people will go to. The story also shows the extreme grit and brutally of the gangland in Liverpool, so this book is not for the faint of heart! 

Brick is extremely fast paced and I flew through it, following each character and seeing how all the stories intertwine and overlap. It's definitely a hold onto your pants and edge of your seat kind of read and you'll find yourself arguing with the characters when they're doing things that are beyond baffling! There are so many intricate goings on that I just can't do the story justice in any description I can come up with and I definitely don't want to spoil anything by going into too much detail. 

Overall an excellent book and one I just couldn't put down. If you are a fan of grittier and hard hitting crime stories based in the UK, then this book is definitely for you! 

I gave this book 4 stars. 

About The Author

I am Conrad Jones a 50-year-old Author, originally from a sleepy green-belt called Tarbock Green, which is situated on the outskirts of Liverpool. I spent a number of years living in Holyhead, Anglesey, which I class as my home, before starting a career as a trainee manger with McDonalds Restaurants in 1989. I worked in management at McDonalds Restaurants Ltd from 1989-2002, working my way up to Business Consultant (area manager) working in the corporate and franchised departments.

In March 1993 I was managing the Restaurant in Warrington`s Bridge St when two Irish Republican Army bombs exploded directly outside the store, resulting in the death of two young boys and many casualties. Along with hundreds of other people there that day I was deeply affected by the attack, which led to a long-term interest in the motivation and mind set of criminal gangs. I began to read anything crime related that I could get my hands on.

I link this experience with the desire to write books on the subject, which came much later on due to an unusual set of circumstances. Because of that experience my early novels follow the adventures of an elite counter terrorist unit, The Terrorist Task Force, and their leader, John Tankersley, or `Tank`and they are the Soft Target Series, which have been described by a reviewer as ‘Reacher on steroids’.  

I had no intentions of writing until 2007, when I set off on an 11-week tour of the USA. The Day before I boarded the plane, Madeleine McCann disappeared and all through the holiday I followed the American news reports which had little or no information about her. I didn't realise it at the time, but the terrible kidnap would inspire my book, The Child Taker years later. During that trip, I received news that my house had been burgled and my work van and equipment were stolen. That summer was the year when York and Tewksbury were flooded by a deluge and insurance companies were swamped with claims. They informed me that they couldn't do anything for weeks and that returning home would be a wasted journey. Rendered unemployed on a beach in Clearwater, Florida, I decided to begin my first book, Soft Target. I have never stopped writing since. I have recently completed my 17th novel, SHADOWS, something that never would have happened but for that burglary and my experiences in Warrington.

As far as my favourite series ever, it has to be James Herbert’s, The Rats trilogy. The first book did for me what school books couldn’t. It fascinated me, triggered my imagination and gave me the hunger to want to read more. I waited years for the second book, The Lair, and Domain, the third book to come out and they were amazing. Domain is one of the best books I have ever read. In later years, Lee Child, especially the early books, have kept me hypnotised on my sunbed on holiday as has Michael Connelley and his Harry Bosch Series.  

To Connect With Conrad Jones

Facebook - Conrad Jones
Twitter - @ConradJones

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Hereafter by LeeAnne Hansen - Book Review

I am really excited to be revealing my review for Hereafter (A Southern Haunting Book 2) by LeeAnne Hansen today as I read it a few weeks ago and I have been busting to talk about it, but I couldn't share until after it had been released.


Forced to live and run a business with a woman who shattered his heart years ago, and without his father's help, Charles' life is far from ideal. Renown as a ladies' man, Charles now finds himself coming up short on women, charm and even dead bodies for his mortuary. He knows who is to blame for all this, even if he hasn't the slightest idea why she is causing him so much torment ... 

Samantha has been given a second chance even though she knows that she does not deserve one. Now haunted by her past, she fled from a life she was desperate to escape, only to collide with the man who once held her heart but now wishes nothing but to crush it. Has she just run from a smouldering fire to an even deadlier one? 

As the night grows darker and storms brew on the horizon, both Charles and Samantha realise that the past is not an easy ghost to shake and the future is rarely predictable.

My Review

When ever I review one of LeeAnne's novels, I always end up gushing because I just love them so much (See my reviews of Yonder and Ghost Light). I don't know how to put into words just how much I enjoy her books and that means that I end up waffling so apologies in advance for this one! 

Hereafter follows the same time line as Yonder and starts by going through each of Isabelle's birthdays, except they are from the point of view of Samantha and Charles instead. Having read Yonder and already knowing each scene, it was incredibly interesting to see the exact same thing from a different perspective and it shows just how much things can be missed or misunderstood when you only know one side of a story. 

When the story kicks into the present day (1940's) it then follows Charles and Samantha as they struggle with the situation they have been forced into. As I learnt more about both of them I came to love them the same way I did with Isabel and Benjamin in Yonder. I honestly never thought I would change my opinion of Charles, I thought he was pompous and a bit of an ass, but I did change my mind after getting to know him better. Another lesson learnt there, that you shouldn't judge someone until you get to know them. 

They are some really beautiful moments throughout the book, some quieter moments which are so important but that can be over looked. The talks that Charles and Samantha have over the years about the stars and Peter Pan are just so sweet. Samantha also has some moments with a girl called Wendy and they were so touching and poignant, that they have stayed with me log after I finished the book. 

The haunting in Hereafter is a lot more subtle than in Yonder, and I liked how it was incorporated into the story. I enjoyed the subtlety and I thought it worked very well with being a "lighter" haunting as there is a bit more darkness in the main story line. 

Overall an absolutely excellent story and another love for me, I can already tell you a spoiler for my twelve days of Christmas, that this book will be on my list of the twelve top books of the year. I am also incredibly excited for the next instalment of A Southern Haunting and finding out what happened between Eve and Doug. 

I gave Hereafter ALL THE STARS! 

About The Author

If you'd like to know more about LeeAnne, I interviewed her last year as part of my review for the audio book release of Yonder, you check that out here.

LeeAnne Hansen was born in Paris, grew up in Oklahoma and now lives in sunny southern California with her husband and cats. She enjoys writing, acting and playing bass guitar. She can be seen gracing the stage in various theatres or even directing. She is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City and has studied art and astronomy. She also thoroughly enjoys long walks on the beach.

Connect With The Author

Twitter - @LeeAnne_Hansen_
Facebook - LeeAnne Hansen

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Watch You Burn by K A Richardson - Blog Tour Review

Life Of A Nerdish Mum is kicking off the blog tour for Watch You Burn by K.A. Richardson today. Watch You Burn is the newest book in The North East Police Series. 

Watch You Burn

Someone is breaking into Fire Investigator, Edina Blaze’s, home and leaving deadly messages. When Glen Peacock is burned alive, she has to put her own problems aside and attend the location with Crime Scene Manager, Kevin Lang. 

As the body count rises, Edina’s sister Heather becomes involved. Is it her setting these gruesome fires? Or is she a target too?

Kevin has seen it all in his years on the force, but when a young girl is found burnt to dead, even he is shocked. 

Who is taking pleasure in watching people burn? Why are they doing it? And will they be caught? 
DI Alistair McKay and the team from North East Police have to work quickly to stop the killer, before they all end up in flames.

My Review

I did a very naughty thing reading Watch You Burn, I stayed up till 2AM to finish it even though I knew I needed to get up early the next day! Once I started reading it I could just not put it down, it was seriously that good. 

I loved both main character, Kevin Lang and Edina Blaze (honestly how cool is her name) and the fact they weren't the usual detectives. Kevin Lang is a crime scene manager and Edina Blaze is a fire investigator (again how much more perfect is that name). The whole idea of The North East Police Series is brilliant as each book can be read as a standalone, but there are characters that pop up in all of them and some crimes are mentioned that have happened in other books. The series is just based around the police in that area. Their relationship also feels extremely natural and organic and I was routing for them right from the start. 

The pace was fast and at times breath catching as the team raced to find out who was burning people and then when personal problems intensified too...woah! 

It was interesting to hear different terminology and science than in a usual crime novel with the characters being from crime scene and fire and you can tell the knowledge and research that went into making everything realistic and authentic. The camaraderie between the firemen came across as very realistic and true to what it would need to be when you're putting your life in someone else's hands on a daily basis.  

Overall an absolutely excellent book and really well written. I really enjoyed reading Watch You Burn and it was worth the 2AM bed time and the following tiredness the next day! 

I gave this book 5 stars.

About The Author

My name is Kerry-Ann Richardson (generally known as Kerry) and I write as KA Richardson. I started writing the North East Police series in 2010 when I was working towards my MA Creative Writing – I used the first 15000 words of With Deadly Intent as my dissertation. I passed my MA in 2011 and kept on writing. This all came about from working as a Crime Scene Investigator – I’d always written but when I was a CSI I went to see a psychic, Anthony, and he wanted to know why I wasn’t writing. He reminded me that it was my passion and said he could see me signing in Waterstones in 5 years. That was 5.5 years before my first ever signing in Waterstones so he wasn’t far wrong! 

I did the normal things writers do when their book is ready to go out into the world – submitted to agents etc. I got a few nice personal responses back – still saying no but being constructive and polite about it. I approached Darren Laws from Caffeine Nights whilst at a crime festival and he asked to see my work. He agreed to publish With Deadly Intent from there, and once that was out I approached Bloodhound Books as wanted to know if there was any other interest in my novels. Bloodhound came back within 24 hours and offered me a 3 book deal!  And I’ve since signed an additional 3 book deal with them which covers the series up to and including book 7! 

Connect With The Author

Facebook - K A Richardson
Amazon - K A Richardson

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The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey - Blog Tour Review

Today on Life Of A Nerdish Mum I am pleased to be hosting today's stop on the blog tour for The Chosen Path by Jason Hershey

The Chosen Path 

From the author of the emotional "To Die To Live", comes the next riveting chapter of one man's search to find his purpose in life. 

Thelonious "Theo" Mitchell, now a college freshman, is eager to put the death of his friend, Draven, behind him. Devoting himself to school and sports, he meets Sabrinna, a beautiful co-ed who sweeps him off his feet. Untrusting and hidden behind a wall, he allows himself to fall for her. 

Will he find his soulmate and someone who can restore his faith and trust in people? Or will she leave him reeling and continuing his search for a purpose in life?

My Review

The Chosen Path is the second book in the Thelonious Mitchell series and follows on from To Die To Live. I haven't read To Die To Live, but I was still able to pick up The Chosen Path and read it without any problems. There are things that are mentioned from the first book though which may possibly be spoilers, however this can definitely be read as a stand alone if you choose. It's novella length too and I haven't read a novella in a while, so I really enjoyed the shorter length which was perfect for the story told. 

I pretty much never read contemporary (except crime novels) so this was a big step out of my comfort zone, but I chose to read it as the synopsis really caught my eye, I'm really glad that I decided to take the chance and read it as I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the more natural pace of the story and the fact that more time could be spent on the characters rather than world building as we're already in that world. 

Theo is an interesting character and has obviously been through a lot in his short life, but still wants to love and trust and is overall a positive guy. It was interesting seeing a teenage romance blossom from the perspective of a boy and actually written by a male author. There are things that Theo thought that I would never think a boy/man would think, but they obviously do. Sabrinna the love interest of Theo was more of an enigma and I'm not sure I ever really figured her out, but she's a teenage girl and I remember being one and still never figuring out other teenage girls! 

I did got lost in the time line of things a few times, but that could very well have been more to do with how invested I was in the story and wondering what would happen next, than anything to do with the writing, 

I really enjoyed The Chosen Path and will be picking up To Die To Live, to find out more about Theo and I'm looking forward to what happens next for him in the next book. 

I gave this book 4 stars

About The Author

I was lucky enough to have Jason Hershey as a guest on my Getting To Know... feature, so if you'd like to read more about him, please click here

I have been a teacher for over 10 years, teaching everything from kindergarten to high school. I am originally from Phoenix, Arizona, graduated from Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas, and currently reside in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. I have a BS in Elementary Education. I am married and have 3 sons. This is my first book, but I have two others in various stages of completion; a children's book as well as a "sequel" of sorts to this current book.

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Getting To Know... Chaos At Dawn

Today I'm excited to bring my second musical Getting To Know... post with up and coming band Chaos At Dawn, their debut album, Embers, is released today!! I talk to Andrew Barlow (vocals) and Michael Walsh (guitar). 

So to get us started off, could you introduce yourselves and tell me what your part in the band is?

MW -  Hey, My name is Michael, and I play triangle.

AB - I'm Andrew, and I definitely do not play triangle.

MW - There's only room for one triangle player. And it is I. Nobody steps on my turf.

Today you've released your debut album, can you tell me anything about the inspiration behind the tracks and how you decided on your sound? 

MW - Nope!

AB - Someone's not cooperating. Ok! Sound! I think a lot of it comes from bands that we were listening to at that time. We both have similar and also different tastes, and I like to think we bring a bit of all of that to the writing process.

MW - Yeah, obviously every band draws inspiration from the bands that they've grown up listening to, and we've both been in a LOT of bands, and all played for a very long time. You sort of learn as you go on. Learn what sounds good, and what basically sounds like dog s**t in a tin.

How did you all become interested in music and how did you come together as a band?

MW - I wasn't interested in music, I wanted to be a race car driver!

AB - Really??

MW - Noooooooo. Not really. Music for me, growing up, the first time seeing Slash play guitar on MTV back in the early 1990's. That just really made me want to pick up a guitar and play. Slash and Guns N Roses were probably my first inspiration along with the first time I saw Metallica.

AB - For me, I've listened to all sorts of different music especially being a teenager. Some really embarrassing s**t as a youngster too. But I think Dookie by Green Day was one of the first rock albums I had. Listening to them kind of opened the door for everything else that followed. I remember once getting a copy of Korn's Follow the Leader on cassette from a friend at school and being hooked straight away. As a moody teenager that album was just perfect! Getting together as a band, me, Mick and Luis met around 5 years ago when we were in a cover's band together. When our drummer left, we just decided to carry on writing. I just don't think the rest of us were ready to just give up on it all and knew that we had the ability to write some original music.

Growing up who were your favourite bands or musicians?

MW - Guns n Roses, Metallica, and pretty much the whole grunge movement from the 90's, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Nirvana. Then again when the whole nu metal movement came in in the early 2000's, I loved all of those major nu metal bands.

AB - My dad got me into Elvis and Chuck Berry as a kid, and also Johnny Cash. So I kinda grew up listening to that, but then I'd say I really got into rock when I was in my teens, and loved listening to bands like Placebo, Metallica, Korn. Even Creed and then later Alter Bridge.

MW - Just realised I'm old as f**k! 

When you're all not performing, recording, writing etc, what would we find you doing?

MW - At the minute, recovering from extensive back surgery.

AB - And he's not even kidding! He's usually on a lot of meds when we're writing which makes the process more fun. For me, working, reading, family time.

MW - Yeah family time is important. I like to spend time walking my two dogs with my better half.

What would be your absolute dream stage to perform on be?

MW - Gotta be Donington all the way.

AB - Got to agree with Mick there. Download would be amazing. Or something overseas like Red Rocks, or something cool like Shiprocked.

Other than the obvious, singing and playing instruments, do you have any other hidden talents?

MW - Other than music, I spend a lot of time working on bikes.

AB - I'm good with numbers?

MW - So to your answer your question, no we have no other talents

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

MW - Deadpool! That guy has a rocking body, and he probably gets more p***y than a whiskers advert.

AB - Batman!!  Bale..... not Clooney.

MW - And definitely not the one from the last movie! Jesus Christ that movie was a bag of d***s.

Are any of you gamers, whether it be console, pc, table top or maybe mobile phone? If you are, what's your favourite game?

AB - Only every now and again, difficult to find time at the minute. I do like a good game on FIFA or a shoot em up like Gears of War.

MW - Is p**n a game?
As well as loving music, I am a huge reader. Do you get any time in your busy schedules to read and can you give me any book recommendations?

AB - Oh god, I read too much. Favourite books are A Prayer For Owen Meany by John Irving, and the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman.

MW - (In the voice of Mike Myers) I..... never..... Learned.... To ........ Reeeeead.
Now that your album has come out what can we expect from you next? Will there be a tour, music videos etc?

AB - After the last few years, I feel like I need a few weeks to wind down, as we've wrote, recorded, mixed, produced and mastered the EP by ourselves, on our own terms which has been incredibly time consuming but in a good way. But we've already started writing again. Our single will be out shortly, and the EP is due at the end of this month. (at the time of answering these questions) Excited but nervous all at once. I definitely see us doing some gigs in the very near future though.

MW - I think we are just looking to keep momentum going, grow musically, and try a few different things. As far as touring goes, we will have to see what comes around once the EP has been released and once I've fully recovered.

Thank you so much to both Michael and Andrew for answering my questions in the busy run up to their release of the debut album! 

To check out Chaos At Dawn and their music

Facebook - Chaos At Dawn
Twitter - @chaosatdawn
Instagram - chaosatdawnmusic
Youtube - Chaos At Dawn