Thursday, 24 November 2016

All Things I Can Do by Lilly Rowe - Review

I've been reading and reviewing a lot more children's books recently and I've been really enjoying it. (I read a LOT of children's books with my 3 year old, but as you can imagine it tends to be the same one a hundred times in one day before moving on to another). The most recent one I read is All The Things I Can Do by Lilly Rowe with illustrations by Joel Guerrero. 


Drawing inspiration from Philippians 4:13, “All Things I Can Do,” is a fun and engaging children's poetry book that covers a range of issues like vanquishing a monster in a closet, wishing for a snow day in July, giving a guardian angel a day off, and more. “All Things I Can Do,” has an inspirational undertone, quirky voice, and beautiful illustrations to support the book's message that with faith, children really can do all things.

My Review

I'll start with with artwork, the art is bright and very engaging for children. I liked the fact that there was a picture before each poem which was relevant to the poem so you could talk about the picture with your child to help them with understanding the poem. 

The poems themselves are all very beautifully written and they rhyme (always such a good thing in children's books). I feel that each poem is as strong as the other and there are some really good lessons throughout. Being inspired by a bible quote there is a mention of God and belief, so if you are religious this is a perfect book for you to introduce your children to poetry through faith. If you are not religious it is not so overwhelming that you would not enjoy the poetry. I am not religious but I still thoroughly enjoyed reading all the poems. 

Overall a very enjoyable book which will be read again by both myself and my Nerdlings. 

I gave this book 5 stars. 

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