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Trace This Scar by Jessikah Hope Stenson - Blog Tour Review

Today is my stop on the Trace This Scar by Jessikah Hope Stenson blog tour and I'm excited to be sharing my review of the book. Jessikah is the author of A Single Drop Of Perfect, which I reviewed earlier this year (here) and when I heard that she was releasing her debut thriller, I jumped at the chance to read it! 


A Lie. A Betrayal. A Murder. 

Daphne has everything she's been dreaming of since the day her parents died when she was a teenager. A husband, a home and a job. The only problem is her beloved Rich's ex girlfriend Gina who won't leave them alone. Filled with jealousy, Gina's interference soon escalates into harassment. But one day, Gina disappears. When Rich is sentenced to sixteen years in prison for murdering Gina, Daphne refuses to believe he is guilty. But what else could explain his mysterious disappearances? And if Rich didn't kill Gina... ... Then who did?


Trace This Scar had me pretty much hooked from the beginning. Following Daphne's story of meeting the man of her dreams and it slowly deteriorating over time and with her husbands ex causing issues. This all worsens when Gina (the ex) goes missing and Rich gets arrested and charged with her murder leaving Daphne alone, harassed and almost penniless, living in squalor and having no money for food. Daphne believes her husband is innocent but no one will listen to someone like her. 

The other side of the story is Jamie, a spoilt 26 year old "boy" who has just been asked by his mum and dad to move out after he has managed to loose another job after an extremely short period. He sofa hops until he comes across a book store looking for a helper and he meets Daphne who offers him a job and somewhere to live. 

Both characters are extremely unlikeable and I really didn't warm to either of them. Jamie does show growth of personality throughout the book, but not enough for me to change my opinion of him. This is not a bad thing, the characters are written so well that even though I didn't like them as people, I still really wanted to know what happened to them and was they were going to do next. This is definitely the sign of a great author in my opinion. 

The peripheral characters are all well fleshed out too and I particularly liked Jamie's mum and dad as I really just felt they were trying to do their best for their son. They just weren't sure what the best for him was. Rich is another unlikeable but very interesting character, who had a lot more going on than what we saw. 

The story is very well thought out and takes you on a journey that you're not entirely sure where it will end or what you're going to find when you get there. Though a few times I thought I knew what was going on, something else would happen and it'd throw me off and I'd think something else. I really couldn't put this down as I just needed to find out what happened next. The alternating POVs between Daphne and Jamie also kept me reading as I always tell myself I'll just get to the end of this characters chapter then I'll put the book down, but then I always need to see what the other character is up to. 

Overall an excellent book and I'm extremely excited to see what Jessikah will come up with next. 

I gave this book 5 stars

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