Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Getting To Know... Kaisha Holloway

On Getting To Know... today, I have the very lovely and extremely busy, blogger Kaisha Holloway of The Writing Garnet.

You have a lovely blog called The Writing Garnet, what inspired you to set this up and is there any meaning behind the name?

Aw thank you! Well I have always enjoyed reading, even when I was a little girl. As I became more ill, books became more of a fixture in my life as an escape. I felt it was time to put that to good use and try a blog. I've always wanted to be a writer so why not start here? As for the meaning behind the name, you're the first one to ask me that! I chose the term 'writing' as I didn't want to state that my blog was just for books as I wanted the scope to write different things. Garnet is actually my birthstone. So I put the two together and ta-da, The Writing Garnet was born!

Do you have a favourite author?

That is like asking me if I have a favourite pair of shoes (I love shoes) haha! Toughie, I love so many authors. People like Sue Watson, Rebecca Raisin, Sam Carrington, Clare MacIntosh, Andi Michael, to name a few. Far too many to name, truly.

When you are not reading, what would we find you doing?

Looking after my little girl! I'm a single mum to a newly turned three year old. She is a complete mini version of me, including the bookworm bit. Oh, and housework I guess, but that's boring...my new hoover isn't though, that's fun haha.

Will you ever put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write your own novel?

Again, been a dream of mine for over ten years! So yes, watch this space, I intend to put fingers to keyboard in the not too distant future :).

Do you have a favourite reading nook or place to sit and read?

Anywhere it's comfortable! I can't read in moving transport though which is rather annoying!

Always a divisive question - e-books, paperbacks or hardbacks?

If you had asked me that question before March, I would have said paper/hardbacks and totally strike through reading on a Kindle. However, I love my Kindle, so I will say all three. As long as you're reading, it doesn't matter what format it comes in!

How do you organise your bookshelves?

COUGH in boxes COUGH. My only bookcase is full with my daughters books. My books live in my wardrobe and in clear plastic boxes by my desk!

Have you ever had the opportunity to meet any authors?

NO! I want to sooooo badly!

Other than reading do you have any other hobbies?

Writing! I also enjoy photography.

Which book do you think is extremely under rated or that no one seems to have heard about?

That's a tough one to answer. If you ask a thriller reader about a chic lit book, they probably may not have heard about it. Tough one to judge!

To check out just how busy Kaisha is - 

Twitter - @kaishajayneh

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