Friday, 2 October 2020

Wild Whispers (Adult Wellness Sessions) With Wild One Adventures


If you went down to the woods on Wednesday, you be sure to find a small group of people having the most amazing time. 

Everyone who knows me even slightly, knows how much I absolutely love Wild One Adventures and how I make sure that Thea attends every session, so when I had the opportunity to attend a demo session for grown up Wild Ones you know I was right in there! 

We met up at 7PM and we were welcomed with a sign and fairy lights and lanterns leading us toward a fire.

When we'd all arrived, we sat down on wooden toadstools (me more carefully than most as the first time I'd sat on one I fell off backwards haha) and Louise welcomed us and explained what her thoughts were about the session and introduced us to Nicky. Nicky talked a bit about wellness and meditation. Though most of us knew each other or at least recognised each other from Wild One Adventures sessions, we went round and chatted about what we do and the kind of outdoor activities we all get up to. It was so nice chatting to other people who are like minded and in such a relaxed and friendly way. 

Once we were all introduced and relaxed we all went and got in a hammock. I've never been in a hammock before and was quite worried I'd end up flinging myself across the woods! Luckily Louise was lovely enough to talk me through sitting in and give me a helping hand and I got in safely. In our hammocks, we could meditate if we chose, nap or just take time to relax. 

The feeling of being in the hammock was lovely, it gently hugged my arms against me and it was so comfortable for my back. I loved looking up through the trees to see the fading daylight and listening to the rain dropping through the leaves and the river running nearby. I could quite happily have dozed off had I stayed in it longer.  

After a length of time, we could either spend longer in the hammock or come back round the fire. We all chose to go back round the fire and we all talked about how much we enjoyed the hammock experience.

We'd been asked to bring mugs and honestly I'd expected either tea or maybe hot chocolate...I was very wrong! Our choices were mulled wine of Baileys! Originally I was going to have a mulled wine, but Louise mentioned toasting a marshmallow and then dunking it in the Baileys, I WAS SOLD. It was quite possibly the most decadent experience I've ever had haha! 

Overall this was the most relaxing, friendly and freeing "adventures" I've ever had. It was something I needed so badly with everything over the past couple of years and I felt so light and positive afterwards. If you get the opportunity to take part and book into one of these sessions, I urge you to do it!