Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson - Blog Tour Review

Today on Life Of A Nerdish Mum I am taking part in the blog tour for Resourceful Living by Lisa Dawson and I a sharing my review. A big thank you to the author and Anne Cater of Random Things Tours. 

Resourceful Living

It's often thought that restyling your space comes with a hefty price tag and unavoidable waste. But in Resourceful Living, award-winning interiors blogger Lisa Dawson shows how with a little creativity, you can revamp your home with existing pieces, vintage finds and key purchases.
The clever ideas in this beautiful book cover the most important ways we use our homes, from eating to sleeping, living and working. Starting with The Basics, Lisa shares tricks for steering clear of interiors 'fast fashion', re-purposing favorite furniture and making the most of what you have. In Styling Your Home, she offers simple solutions for re-imagining each room, from gallery walls to home bars, repainted furniture to retro accessories.
Including her top ten key vintage buys and a guide to thrifting, as well Lisa's inspiring advice about the fun of creative sourcing as a more sustainable way to keep your home feeling fresh.

My Review

Coming out of lockdown a lot of people have completed some amazing home renovations and beautified rooms with simple tricks and honestly I would have loved to join in. Now that things are easing, I have the headspace to start thinking of projects and plans, and reading Resourceful Living has been a wonderful inspiration! 

All the photos are absolutely stunning and even without reading anything, just flipping through is such a relaxing and inspiring experience. I've tabbed so many pages of my favourite pictures ready for going forward with my ideas. 

The whole book is written with a friendly tone and it almost feels as if you are chatting with a friend and they're offering suggestions on the best ways to get things done. There's ideas and suggestions for everything and everywhere you could think of in your home. 

I really enjoyed the case studies and in particular the mood boards which showed more the decision process and colour choices. Not every design or idea will be for everybody, but there's plenty of choice as you go through. I'm a big fan of pre loved and thrifting, so the tips were very helpful and can be used for more than just furnishings. 

Overall a really wonderful, aesthetically pleasing and inspirational read that I will be referencing a lot over the next few months. A definite 5 stars from me. 

About The Author

Lisa Dawson is a multi-award-winning interiors blogger, writer, workshop presenter and social media influencer. She writes a popular weekly blog, is a regular contributor to Frank magazine and creates professional social media content for brands such as John Lewis and Loaf Home. She is co-founder of the popular Instagram hashtag #MyHomeVibe which had over 1.5 million posts and was the first UK-based interiors community hashtag when it launched in 2016. She lives in York with her husband, three children and a badly behaved Lhasa Apso called Buddy. Lisa shares her home inspiration on her Instagram @_lisa_dawson_ and

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Shadows Of Hell by Duncan Thompson - Blog Tour Review


Today on Life Of A Nerdish Mum I'm finishing out the blog tour for Shadows Of Hell by Duncan Thompson with my review of the book. A big thanks to the author and Emma Welton of DampPebbles Blog Tours.

Shadows Of Hell 

When a man of heavenly worth sins in Hell, darkness shall reign upon the earth

A message from the other side - an omen of the impending apocalypse. A message intended for one man, the only man who can prevent Armageddon, saving the soul of every man, woman and child on Earth. That man is Joe Costello.

But, not only is Joe trapped in the underworld, he is also the same man who has the power to unleash the shadows of hell upon the world.

Inspired by Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy, Joe must battle his way through the nine circles of Hell - his escape being the key to salvation. Not only will he face all manner of Hell's demons, he'll also face his own.

However, Joe is not alone on his journey, as he is guided through each level of Hell by medium and psychic, Layla Thorne. Shadows of Hell is the epic follow-up to Shadows of the Woods.

My Review

What a book!! I was really grabbed by the blurb so jumped at the opportunity to read Shadows Of Hell. I'm definitely glad that I did. 

I fell in love with the characters. Considering it's quite a short book, the characters are very well developed and you feel a connection sign them. The dark humour was really well done too and made me chuckle when I really shouldn't have! 

I'm a big fan of Dante's Divine Comedy, I was intrigued to see what the author did with the story and I was not disappointed, Duncan Thompson takes the nine levels of hell and ramps up the volume all the way to 11! The level of gore could be too much for some people, but it's done so well and it fit perfectly for me. 

The book is fast paced and sharp witted and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I read in one sitting, cringing at some points and laughing at others! I wish I'd read Shadows Of The Woods first, but I don't feel it affected my reading experience too much, plus I now get to go and read that. 

This is a definite recommendation from me and a full 5 stars! 

About The Author

Duncan Thompson has spent most of his life in a small market town in West Yorkshire -- the same town in which most of his stories are set under the guise of Ravenfield. Duncan has been writing works of fiction since the age of seven. In those early days, his stories often involved himself and his friends being transported to fantasy worlds. However, as a teenager, Duncan fell in love with horror movies and his writing took a whole new direction.

Duncan works in financial services and lives with his partner and their two young children. He also has slight obsession with Spider-Man, the actor Bruce Campbell, as well as having an addiction to vinyl records, coffee and Lego.

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