Monday, 2 February 2015

If You Like Scott Pilgrim, This Review Is Not For You!

Ok I caved and finally picked up Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Scott Pilgrim #1) by Bryan Lee O'Malley after seeing it there week after week. Before I get into this, I will warn again, if you loved this book (or film), the rest of this review is not for you!

A bit of background story first, I have never seen the film as it was not something that I had fancied and I'm not a fan of the actor that was chosen to play the lead role. I wasn't aware that it was also a book until quite recently and even then, I wasn't sure if I'd read it as it's not the kind of thing I would normally read. Having said that, my goal for this year is to expand my reading even further and try things that I normally wouldn't (hence the challenges), so I thought "what the heck" and picked this up.

I'm not sure I can quite form my feelings on this book into sentences that will make sense so I will bullet point to make things clearer.

  • What kind of name is Knives? I had to read it three times to ensure that I'd read it right.
  • I want to bleach the bookmark I used with this to cleanse it
  • I want the 40 minutes it took me to read this back
  • 7 Evil ex boyfriends, REALLY?
  • What is this even about?!
  • It is very rare that a book can make me hate it this much
  • The best thing about this book was when it ended
  • I WILL NOT be investing any more time in this series
I feel that pretty much covers everything and now I want to go away and pretend that I never spent any time on this book at all. 

I started and finished this book on the 298th of January 2015
I gave this book 1 star (because I had to) on Goodreads

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