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The Legend Of Sidri by Rauf Khalilov - Blog Tour Review

Today Life Of A Nerdish Mum is part of the blog tour for The Legend Of Sidri by Rauf Khalilov a wonderful children's fantasy and I am sharing my review. With big thanks to Faye of Authoright for having me along. 

The Legend Of Sidri 

In the mythical realm of Badalonium, a young boy named Sidri lived happily with his beloved parents. But the family is shattered by an evil figure from the afar, triggering a series of events that lead Sidri on a journey of self-development, friendship, family reunions and retribution.

My Review

The Legend Of Sidri really took me back to my childhood reading! The coloured pages and the absolutely stunning illustrations, even the font used gave the feel of a classic children's fantasy and I felt at "home" straight away before I'd even read a word. The story itself continued along that same and there were morals and talking animals (both things were in all children's fantasy books when I was younger). 

Sidri was a very strong character and one that you wouldn't mind your children wanting to be like as he is smart and brave and kind. 

The world building is done exceptionally well and I could picture myself there, surrounded by the magic. Part of what makes this possible, is the fact that though words are used that are "made up", they sound natural to read and are easy even for a younger reader to sound out. This means that you don't lose immersion in the story trying to figure out how to pronounce something. I really enjoyed the adventures Sidri has and the trials and travels he has to go through as he gets older. 

The Legend Of Sidri is only 40 and a bit pages long and passed far too quickly for me, I would have happily read a sweeping, epic fantasy set in this world. However I'm not the target audience and I think it's a perfect book to introduce a kind of fantasy to children.

Oh and there's a map! You can't help nut loving a book with a map. 

Overall a really enjoyable book and one I will be passing on to mini Nerdling to read in the future. 

I gave this book 5 stars. 

About The Author

Rauf Khalilov is a lawyer by profession. He lives and works in London. He is married and has two kids. Rauf enjoys spending time away from work with his family, but when he has spare time left, he plays chess, writes poetry and music, sings, exercises and cooks. Rauf has a dream to own a farm with a lake where he would have a restaurant that would serve food produced on his own farm. He would also like to create a centre within the farm for children with special needs where they would receive education through play therapy with animals and nature.   

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