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When Stars Will Shine - Blog Tour Review

Today Life Of A Nerdish Mum is extremely proud to be part of the blog tour for When Stars Will Shine, compiled by Emma Mitchell. Thank you so much to Emma for having me along.

When Stars Will Shine

When Stars Will Shine is a collection of short stories from your favourite authors who have come together to deliver you a Christmas read with a twist.

With true war tales that will break your heart, gritty Christmas crimes that will shake you to your core, and heart-warming tales of love lost and found, this anthology has something for everyone. And, with every penny made being sent to support our troops, you can rest assured that you’re helping our heroes, one page at a time.

From authors such as Louise Jensen, Graham Smith, Malcolm Hollingdrake, Lucy Cameron, Val Portelli, and Alex Kane, you are in for one heck of a ride!

When Stars Will Shine is the perfect Christmas gift for the bookworms in your life!

My Review

I wasn't sure how to review When Stars Will Shine as each and every story is as good as the last and there isn't a single weaker story throughout. Emma Mitchell had done an amazing job of picking stories that fit both the reason for anthology and the tone and time of the year. That being said this could easily be read all year round. 

So anyway, back to how I decided to review the book! I couldn't choose  a favourite so I decided to write just a few word review for each and every story! There's no surprise though that they're all 5 star reads. 
Megan's poem
Beautiful and emotive. Brilliantly written
Frederick Snellgrove, Private 23208 by Rob Ashman
Omgoodness I cried.  I hadn't noticed it was a true story before I read it so took me by surprise. Excellent writing.
Four Seasons by Robert Scragg
The story sucks you right in. It wasn't at all what I expected. Brilliantly woven tale.
The Close Encounter by Gordon Bickerstaff
Oooh made me think one thing, then another and then hit me with what actually happened! Really good.
Believe by Mark Brownless
This story was both suspenseful and terrifying and went places I hadn't dreamed of! 
What can possibly Go Wrong by Lucy Cameron
Light hearted and funny. I can just picture Geoffrey and his escapades. He was a loveable oaf.
Mountain Dew by Paul T Campbell
This story was very quiet with lovely characters and contained some good advice. 
The Art Of War And Peace by John Carson
This felt almost like a cosy mystery, which I love. I liked the are they/aren't they relationship between the two main characters, it added an extra element to the story. 
A Gift For Christmas by Kris Egleton
Such a lovely story. Shows how kind people can be no matter how little they have.
Free Time by Stewart Giles
This was very intense, it shows the real outcome of rolling the dice with your life or someone else's.
Died Of Wounds by Malcolm Hollingdrake
Beautiful, poignant, well written. Made me cry a lot in public.
The Christmas Killer by Louise Jensen
Really good, loved the twist. Getting a twist into such a short story is masterful writing. 
The Village Hotel by Alex Kane
Really, good, wanted more and wish it was longer. Just enough information was given to keep you wanting to know more.

A present Of Presence by H.R. Kemp
Another one to make you cry. Everyone deals with grief differently and it can be isolating.
The Invitation by Billy McLaughlin
A good story to remind you not to waste time and speak to the people you want and tell people you love them. It's never too late for forgiveness either, even for yourself.
Brothers Forever by Paul Moore
A good story about how your chosen family look out for you no matter what. It shows how close people become when they been in such terrible conditions together such as war zones.
Girl In A Red Shirt by Owen Mullen
This showed how the horrors of war bring out the best and worst in people and everyone reacts differently to what they did. One decision can change your life.
Pivotal Moments by Anna Franklin Osborne
When I saw Anna Franklin Osborne was one of the contributors I was very excited. I loved Walking Wounded! She didn't disappoint, another one that had me crying. Beautiful. Talk to people about how you're feeling as it'll help you see the whole picture not just what you're imagining.
Uncle Christmas by Val Portelli
Beautiful story about how one good deed can change a person's life right around. Made me cry (apparently I cry at least once every other story). 
Time For A Barbecue by Carmen Radtke
This showed perfectly how kids can get things muddled up and their imaginations run wild...or do they?!   
Christmas Present by Lexi Rees
This really showed how you should take chances, live your life. Also look before you cross the road!!
Inside out by KA Richardson
Everyone is broken in their own way. Take chances. Do what helps you heal. And yes I cried.
Penance by Jane Risdon
A warning about getting your priorities right. A very moving story.
New Year's resolution by Robert Scragg
There's always another way and another day. Sometimes it takes someone else's troubles to put yours in perspective.
Family time by Graham Smith
Brilliant, didn't go where I expected. Shows what people will do to make people they love happy.

And that's it! Now go buy it and come back and talk to me about what you loved.
Full Contents List And Authors

Fredrick Snellgrove, Private 23208 by Rob Ashman
Four Seasons by Robert Scragg
The Close Encounter by Gordon Bickerstaff
Believe by Mark Brownless
What Can Possibly Go Wrong? by Lucy Cameron
Mountain Dew by Paul T. Campbell
The Art of War and Peace by John Carson
A Gift for Christmas by Kris Egleton
Free Time by Stewart Giles
Died of Wounds by Malcolm Hollingdrake
The Christmas Killer by Louise Jensen
The Village Hotel by Alex Kane 
A Present of Presence by HR Kemp
The Invitation by Billy McLaughlin
Brothers Forever by Paul Moore
Girl in a Red Shirt by Owen Mullen
Pivotal Moments by Anna Franklin Osborne
Uncle Christmas by Val Portelli
Time for a Barbeque by Carmen Radtke
Christmas Present by Lexi Rees
Inside Out by KA Richardson
Penance by Jane Risdon
New Year’s Resolution by Robert Scragg
Family Time by Graham Smith

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  1. Dear Helen - really proud of this review!You made me so proud with what you said about my little contribution - the thought that you were excited to read it because you had read Walking Wounded made me feel like a proper, all-grown-up author! Lots of thanks and love for your lovely words about us all xxxx