Friday, 1 July 2016

Books I Read - June 2016

June has been a very exciting and busy month here at Nerdish HQ. On my blog I've had reviews and interviews and blog tours and there's more of them coming up in the following months. And it's been my mini Nerdling's 3rd birthday and we celebrated by going to the zoo which was amazing fun for all of us. We're also having a small family get together tomorrow (I think depending on when I post this) so that people can come see him.

I'm really enjoying all the exciting things I've been bringing to the blog and I hope you all are enjoying them too.

The books I read in June were a nice mixture of novels, manga and graphic novels/trade paper backs. I love being able to just pick up whatever I feel in the mood for. The books I read are:

1. City Of Glass by Cassandra Clare - 4 Stars
2. Deadly Harvest by Michael Stanley - 5 Stars
3. Disclaimer by Renee Knight - 3.5 Stars
4. Black Butler, Volume 15 by Yana Toboso - 4 Stars
5. Black Butler, Volume 16 by Yana Toboso - 4 Stars
6. Black Butler, Volume 17 by Yana Toboso - 5 Stars
7. Emotion Market by Dimitris Chasapis - 3 Stars
8. Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge - 5 Stars
9. The Hound Of The Baskervilles (Graphic Novel) - 4 Stars
10. My Girl by Jack Jordan - 4 Stars
11. Minecat: A Feline Minecraft Adventure by P.T. Evans - 3 Stars
12. Robin: Year One by Chuck Dixon - 5 Stars
13. The Adventures Of Shifting Jack by Denise Erguler - 4.5 Stars
14. Nika by D.H Gibbs - 4.5 Stars
15. Batman: Death By Design by Chip Kidd - 5 Stars
16. Daredevil, Vol. 3 by Mark Waid - 5 Stars

As usual any blog reviews have been linked but all my other reviews are on Goodreads here if you want to check them out.

I have two blogs tours coming up in July, both of which contain an interview and I've got a review with an interview coming up tomorrow which is also really exciting.

The only thing I've missed out this month is my comics, I still haven't got around to picking them up yet, however I have prepared my comic book journal so I'm all ready to go now in July!

If you like bookish photos I've been posting a lot more regularly over on Instagram so check that out if you like, I'm NerdishMum . If there's any kinds of blogs you'd like to see going forward, let me know, also let me know what you read in June.

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