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Double Jeopardy by M.A. Comley - Blog Tour Review

When I heard that there was a new M.A. Comley book coming out and it was the next in the Hero series, I waved my arms around wildly to make it known that I was really looking forward to reading it. Therefore I am extremely happy to be taking part in the blog tour from Double Jeopardy today and sharing my review. 

Double Jeopardy

Successful entrepreneur, Ross Spalding, has everything to live for; a thriving business, a stunning new home, and a high society wedding to his beautiful fiancée to look forward to in the coming months. That is, until his life comes to an abrupt, gruesome end. 

DI Hero Nelson and his team need to dig deep to find the reasons behind someone wanting Ross Spalding dead. As more people connected to Ross also die, some in suspicious circumstances, the suspect list grows beyond all expectations, until a major clue presents itself and spins the investigation off in a totally new direction.

However, Hero’s personal life is also dealt a major blow when his parents are faced with a life or death situation. He is forced to put his personal problems aside when the murderers are revealed and Hero is faced with a tight deadline in which to apprehend them.

My Review

Double Jeopardy is the fourth book in the Hero series, but don't let that put you off as it can very easily read as a stand alone (though I do recommend you read the previous three first as they are all very good). There are some things mentioned from In Plain Sight, but nothing that takes you out of this story.

During In Plain Sight, I really struggled to bond with Hero, but that all went out the window in Double Jeopardy and I really enjoyed and liked him as a character. I couldn't tell you what was different this time, but I am very happy that I now like him as I said last time, he's a nice guy and a good detective so I don't know what my problem was. 

As well as having quite a big case going on, Hero has a lot of personal things going on and it was really nice to see the interactions with his wife, children and family. It was interesting seeing him deal with things that are happening and how he tries to balance them with making sure he's doing his job to his best ability. His wife is so supportive and that's so good to see in crime novels as you see a lot of single detectives (both male and female). 

The opening sequence is gripping and I instantly liked Ross Spalding and was rooting for him, even knowing that his end was coming. It was so well written though, I really hoped the synopsis was wrong and that he was fine! Even though it was only a short opening chapter, I really felt that his character was well fleshed out. 

Overall another brilliant book and one that I couldn't put down as I really wanted to see what had happened and who had done it! A definite recommendation to me. 

I gave this book 4 stars. 

About The Author

New York times, USA Today, Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, iBooks top 5 bestselling and #2 bestselling author on Barnes and Noble. I am a British author who moved to France in 2002, and that's when I turned my hobby into a career. I'm fortunate to be represented by a top New York agent.

I share my home with two crazy dogs that like nothing better than to drag their masterful leader (that's me) around the village.

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