Monday, 1 October 2018

Guess My Name With Veggies And Fruits by Liana Strat - Blog Tour Review

Today, Life Of A Nerdish Mum is kicking off the blog tour for Guess My Name With Veggies And Fruits, written by Liana Strat. I'm pleased to be able to share mine and mini Nerdling's thoughts on this fun and educational book.

Guess My Name With Veggies And Fruits

Help your little ones learn about fruits and vegetables with this delightful illustrated children's book, written by childcare expert Liana Strat.
These friendly faces will make new foods fun and engaging for young children.

Our Review

This book is a very fun way of teaching and reinforcing learning about fruits and vegetables. As a parent I enjoyed the clarity of each description and how it gave just enough information for the child to have a good guess as to what fruit or vegetable it was describing. I also liked the fact that it didn't cover just the more obvious ones like apple, banana, carrot etc, there was actually a really wide selection chosen.

Mini Nerdling really enjoyed that it was like a game and that I was giving him clues so he could guess what I was talking about. He also enjoyed then telling me which of the fruits and veggies he liked and didn't like and which ones he hadn't tried yet. (The timing of us reading it was perfect as school had just been covering taste and had done taste experiments so this helped expand the subject at home). He added that he really liked that the fruits and vegetables were all happy and smiling.

Overall this is a really enjoyable book for both child and adult. I feel it's educational without being dry or dull, making learning fun with making it a guessing game.

I gave this book 5 stars.

About The Author

Liana Strat is a Nanny with a Degree in Environment Protection, currently living and working in London. Originally from Romania, she moved to United Kingdom following a career in Childcare, after realising her passion for children. Inspired by the multitude of experiences encountered in this field and with a strong desire to give parents an extra tool for a good food education, she followed the path of writing.

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