Friday, 7 April 2017

Getting To Know... John Lov - Ascendia

Today is the day! I am so happy to kick off a new part of my Getting To Know... feature with John Lov of the absolutely freaking amazing band Ascendia! 

So to get us started off, could you introduce yourself and tell me what your part in the band is?

My name is John and I am the lead guitar player and one of the song writers for the band Ascendia

Your sound is very distinctive (and awesome), have you always known how you wanted to sound or has it come about more organically?

We appreciate the compliment! I think life as a musician starts by absorbing all the musical influences you possibly can and learning as much as you can. The music we write is the product of 3 guys with unique musical influences and experiences combining them in the most cohesive way possible. I think through this process we have managed to develop our own unique sound that we are very proud of!

Growing up who were your favourite bands or musicians?

I started off listening to classic rock/metal which includes bands like Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Scorpions, Whitesnake, Rush, Boston and Europe. After years of listening to these bands I got introduced to a band called Nightwish and everything changed! Once I got a taste for new modern metal there was no looking back.

When you're all not performing, recording, writing etc, what would we find you doing?

We all are either working or in school! I work for a finance company, Nick is an electrician and Billy is studying finance at York University.

What would be your absolute dream stage to perform on be?

I think we would all love to be able to play the stage at Wacken festival in Germany. It is an epic festival with some epic bands!

Other than the obvious, singing and playing instruments, do you have any other hidden talents?

I like to take naps. I’m pretty good at that!

Your music videos are extremely well polished and make an impact, do you have a lot of say in the concept and what you'd like the finished video to look like?

The first thing we do is break down the lyrics and the meaning of the song. At this point we start brainstorming ideas and ways to convey the message and overall vibe of the song. We then present these ideas to the music video director and discuss how these ideas will look on camera. He then gets his input and we create a plan of execution.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

I would probably pick Batman just to ride that crazy motorcycle he has haha!

Are any of you gamers, whether it be console, pc, table top or heck even mobile phone? If you are, what's your favourite game?

Billy Lov is into gaming quite a bit! He’s got PS4 and I catch him playing Call of Duty all the time.

As well as loving music, I am a huge reader. Do you get any time in your busy schedules to read and can you give me any book recommendations?

Being a past business student I would recommend the “Big Short.” It is a really interesting book that explores the 2008 US mortgage housing crisis. Yea, I’m boring.

I know the new album is in the works which is incredibly exciting for fans, can you tell me anything about it and what we can look forward to from Ascendia in the future?

The new album has been taking a while, but for a very good reason. A lot of things have changed in our musical interests and tastes and we needed time to be able to put these ideas together in a cohesive manner. You will get everything you love about Ascendia in there. What I can tell you is that it is going to be a very lean, polished, melodic, emotional and heavy album.  We are working hard on the recipe and we think all our fans will be happy

THANK YOU so much to John Lov for taking the time to answer my questions, especially with how busy he is with the new album and up coming tour!

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