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Meet The Imaginative Joe Dreamer by Karlene Stewart - Review

Today on Life On A Nerdish Mum I am reviewing a children's book, Meet The Imaginative Joe Dreamer written by Karlene Stewart and illustrated by Telmo Sampaio. 

Meet The Imaginative Joe Dreamer

Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer is the first edition in a series of children's picture books, introducing a young boy who channels his frustrations into his creative passions - drawing and his imagination. In this first edition Joe faces the challenge of going to the beach on a rainy day. 

The book is set in the beautiful Cayman Islands, where Joe resides with his parents. Joe's parents are entertained by his creativity and sense of humour. Similarly, the book serves to encourage young children to be creative and imaginative. Older children may read alone or younger children may have their parents read to them. This cosy picture book is a great addition for any family as it brings together exciting ingredients of the Caribbean, imagination and viewing problem solving through a young child's eyes,

My Review

Meet The Imaginative Joe Dreamer is a wonderfully bright and enjoyable read for both child and adult. This is important with children's books as you are bound to be reading it numerous times. 

I enjoyed the family dynamic displayed in Joe Dreamer with the parents spending time with their child and encouraging his loves and imagination. They obviously love each other and that is really nice to see. 

The fact that the book celebrates a child's imagination and encourages it is really important to me as I feel imagination is being lost by some children in this current time. As an adult it's also a nice reminder that we can use our imagination too, I know I still use mine on occasion. Also the use of simple crayons and paper can be so meaningful to a child and is a brilliant and age appropriate way to help with a child's development, 

The story itself is fun and easy to read and both my 3 and 8 year old nerdlings enjoyed me reading it to them, My 8 year old found it easy to read herself and she asked questions about the Cayman Islands as she had never heard of them which led to learning more about them, where they are in the world and that yes it does really rain in paradise. 

Overall a great read for both me and the children and one that will be read again. 

I gave this book 4 stars.

About The Author

Karlene Stewart is the author of several books and ebooks; You Can Rise Up, Journey of Miracles, Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer and What If…All You Can Imagine. Karlene holds a Master of Arts Degree in Communication for Social and Behavior Change from the University of the West Indies. Karlene began her published writing in her teenage years as a Youth Writer with Jamaica’s national newspaper The Gleaner. Today, she focuses mostly on writing blogs, ebooks and short stories. Her favourite authors are Joel Osteen and Dr. Seuss.

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