Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Silent Sister by Shalini Boland - Cover Reveal

Today I am helping share the cover reveal for Shalini Boland's newest release The Silent Sister, before the reveal though, here's more about the book...

The Silent Sister

She used to be your best friend. Now she’s your worst enemy. 

When Lizzy Beresford discovers a threatening letter addressed to her, the words on the old, tattered paper chill her to the bone. But who sent it? Living in pretty cottage in a quiet country village, Lizzy’s never made any enemies in her life… 

Except her sister. 

Lizzy hasn’t spoken to Emma in years. Not since the argument which tore their relationship apart. Would her sister really want to cause her harm after all this time? 

As Lizzy receives more disturbing messages, she begins to doubt those closest to her – her boyfriend, her best friend, her neighbours. 

Because the mystery sender seems to know everything about her. And after a series of malicious incidents, it’s clear they won’t stop until they’ve destroyed her life

Lizzy knows she must confront her sister. But can she trust her? And will she realise the shocking truth, before it’s too late? 

And Now Onto The Cover

Definitely intriguing and I can't wait to read it as I love Shalini's books! To pre order your own copy, you can click here

About The Author

I write suspense thrillers and dark adventures, and I live in Dorset, England with my husband, two children and our dog. I only write reviews for books I enjoy!

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