Friday, 27 March 2020

The Things We Did - Day 6

I wanted to shake PE up a bit today, so we completed the Cosmic Kids Star Wars: The Force Awakens yoga. It was absolutely amazing! I loved how they told the story through yoga and kept it fun, both Nerdlings loved it. Mini Nerdling is already choosing which session to do next!

After a brew and play with the blocks we spent a good couple of hours in the back yard just playing and enjoying the weather.

While we ate dinner, we virtually visited Blair Drummond Safari Park and learnt about Red Ruffed Lemurs.

We're making a list of all the places we've "visited" during lockdown and were going to try and visit them in real life to support them as soon as we can manage.

We spent more time in the back yard in the afternoon and though I never normally do these kinds of things, I thought it'd be fun to ask mini Nerdling while he was playing.

Just for fun... ask your kids these 16 questions

Mini Nerdling, age 6

1. If you won a million pounds, what would you buy?  An expensive rocket.

2. How long does it take to get to America? A thousand miles

3. What does Mummy always say to you? Stop being silly

4. What job would you like to do when you're big? A detective

5. What is the capital of England? London

6. Where do babies come from?  Mummys

7. At what age do you become an adult? 21

8. If you could change one rule in your family house what would it be? I can play Xbox every day

9. If you could be a superhero, what superpower would you have? Invisibility

10. What would you do to save the planet? Fight bad guys

11. If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? Popcorn

12. How much does it cost to buy a house? £1000

13. Why do you think we should be nice to other? Because we don't want to hurt each others feelings

14. What does love mean? You want to be with them every day.

15. What are you scared of? Spiders and blood grosses me out

16. What is so important to you? Finding things that are interesting

He actually enjoyed it and really thought about some of his answers!

Mini Nerdling made his own pizza for tea and I just got it in and out the oven for him. He did a fab job!

After tea he got in his kickboxing gear and him and Nerdish Dad went and practiced his kicks and punches. It took him a minute or two to settle into it and take it seriously, but once he did he did absolutely amazing!! 

We're nearly at the end of week one of schooling from home, how's everyone managing? 

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