Wednesday, 19 October 2016

September 2016 Bookish Wrap Up

Well where did the time go? By the time I've got around to doing my September wrap up it's almost time to do my October wrap up!! Between mini Nerdling starting pre-school and me getting the flu, I've just been swamped keeping up to date with everything so my wrap up got pushed to one side, but I finally am catching up (hopefully).

Ok so firstly my Getting To Know... feature is still going strong and I've had some absolutely awesome people on again in September. If you've missed any, here they are again for you:

Claire Knight - Crime Book Junkie
Claire Morley - author of "Tindog Tacloban"
Denise Erguler - author of "The Adventures Of Shifting Jack"
Susan Moody - author of "Penny Black"
Joy Wood - author of "For The Love Of Emily"
Cassandra Parkin - author of "Lily's House"
Graham Smith - author of "Snatched From Home"
Mary-Jane Riley - author of "The Bad Things"
Dane Cobain - author of "No Rest For The Wicked"

I've got plenty of exciting people coming up too so I hope you're still enjoying reading my interviews.

Myself and my buddy reader F, finished The Count Of Monte Cristo in September (look out for that review soon) and we started our next read, which is The Essential Kafka by Franz Kafka. It's definitely a lot different to anything I've read before so we'll see how we get on with it!

September for reading was another slow reading month for me, I didn't read as much as I would have liked (small spoiler for October I think I'm getting over my slump, but shh I don't want to scare it away). The books I did read are

Panterra: The Machinist by Gary L. Ward - 4 Stars
Pumpkintown Perils: A Cozy Mystery Collection by Aubrey Law - 4 Stars
Hunted: The Zodiac Murders by Mark Hewitt - 4 Stars
Captain America, Vol. 3: Loose Nuke by Rick Remender - 3 Stars
The Fury Of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, Vol. 3: Takeover - 4 Stars
Shadow Of The Beast by Michael Fowler - 5 Stars
The Count Of Monte Cristo - 5 Stars
Time For A Short Story by Julia Roberts - 5 Stars

It was another busy month of blog tours and book blitzes in September and that will continue over the next few months which is incredibly exciting for me, I really enjoy being part of the book community and being able to chat about books!

So that's a quick over view of my bookish September, do you remember what you read in September? If not what are you reading now?

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