Tuesday, 25 July 2017

House Of Lies by E.V. Seymour - Cover Reveal

I'm super excited to be sharing a gorgeous cover reveal for House Of Lies by E.V Seymour. But before you can see it in all it's glory, here is the synopsis to whet your appetite!

House Of Lies

A sudden disappearance…

When Roz Outlaw's partner Tom mysteriously vanishes, she knows his life is in danger. Tom has been distracted lately, afraid, as though he is being hunted…

A desperate search…

With the police showing little interest Roz knows it falls to her to find Tom. But as Tom's secrets are uncovered nothing can prepare Roz for the dark lies and twisted truths she finds. She thought she loved Tom, but quickly realises she has been living with a stranger – a man with murder in his past.

A house of evil.

The key to unlocking Tom's past lies in his childhood home – Vixenhead. A house of wickedness that keeps its secrets well hidden. Can Roz find Tom before it's too late or will the evil within Vixenhead claim her too…

Cover Reveal

How amazing does House Of Lies sound? And if that's not enough, here it is the cover you've been waiting to see

So tell me what you think of the cover? Will you be buying House of Lies? (You can get your own copy here). 

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