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Ice Lake by John Lenahan - Blog Tour Review

I'm super excited to be part of the blog tour for the Ice Lake by John Lenahan today. I've been interested in Ice Lake since I first heard about it, so I was over the moon to be asked to be part of the tour! 

Ice Lake

An electrifying debut crime novel and the first in a new series featuring psychologist Harry Cull. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, Mark Billingham and Peter May.

Deep in the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, the body of a man is found – shot three times, dumped under the trees where the local kids will find him.

Psychologist Harry Cull, tormented by his past, arrives in the picturesque town of Ice Lake to help with the murder investigation. There he unravels a web of lies and deceit that leads to the dark heart of a community torn apart by fracking, drugs and murder.

It’s not long before the second corpse turns up, this time a lawyer left for dead in the forest, and Harry finds himself on the trail of a twisted killer – who will do anything to keep the town’s darkest secrets buried.

My Review

Harry Cull is an absolutely brilliant character, he is so interesting and I love the way he works and acts. I also love his interactions with other characters, in particular Trooper Cirba, their relationship and banter is so enjoyable and made me laugh with their back and forth over a previous encounter. 

The Lake in Ice Lake is definitely a character in itself and I could easily picture the town, with the local "grocery" store and houses with gardens that run down to their own dock at the lake. It feels like the hub of the town. 

I found the "lie detecting" really interesting as my husband is a magician and he has done courses in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and knows how to see peoples tells etc. He's practised more than a few times on me. Knowing the inside information on this, it was good to see some explanation as to how people can seem like they are a human lie detector as it's not normally covered in fiction books. 

I can't really say anything about the story itself as I would hate to spoil anything, but I can say that I absolutely loved the story and really enjoyed how things were worked out. I think the writing flowed well and it was a really easy read. I read Ice Lake really quickly and I'm already looking forward to more Harry Cull books. I think I've found another new favourite lead man in crime fiction. 

This is a definite recommendation from me and I gave this book 5 stars. 

About The Author

John Lenahan is a popular TV magician who toured with Jack Dee, Lenny Henry and Victoria Wood. He starred on a prime time BBC1 TV show, had his own BBC2 series, and was the voice of the toaster in ‘Red Dwarf’. 

His fantasy trilogy Shadowmagic, an award-winning podcast that received over 100,000 downloads, was published by HarperCollins and sold over 70,000 copies across all editions. 

Ice Lake is his debut crime novel, the first in a new series featuring psychologist Harry Cull.

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