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Getting To Know... Sandra At Book Lover Worm

Today Life Of A Nerdish Mum is welcoming Sandra from Book Lover Worm to Getting To Know... 

Your blog, Book Lover Worm, is for all things bookish (and is wonderful). What inspired you to set this up?

Thanks! I started reviewing books, I think because I was aware more reviews got authors more awareness and I found it useful for me and my own records of what I'd liked and disliked.  After a while I realised that I was quite restricted in what I could do and wanted something that was more mine, than say Goodreads, so I started the blog and I'm really pleased with how it's doing given all the other things I have going on at the moment.

Looking at your reviews, you seem to have a preference for crime fiction, what is it that draws you to this genre?

I've always loved crime fiction. I started off reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and other things like that when I was younger and moved on to Agatha Christie (books and tv/films) and it's progressed from there.  I like all types of crime fiction from cosy mysteries to gory crime and psychological thriller.  On a basic level I like the mystery itself, who did it and why but I'm also intrigued by the inner workings of someone's mind, what drives them to commit a crime. Why someone commits a crime will always be specific to them and it's that individuality that I find fascinating.

When you're not reading what would we find you doing?

Probably reading! I started an MSc in September which involves a lot of reading so if I'm not reading fiction then I'm probably deep into non-fiction, research articles or legal stuff.  Apart from that I like gaming, though my PS3 is quite neglected just now.  I also like going to the cinema but also watching tv at home, I'm a sci-fi fan so enjoying watching boxsets of Stargate SG-1 and Star Trek Voyager just now. Having said that I also like Disney/Pixar films so you might catch me watching one of those if I'm having a rare afternoon off!

Do you have a specific way that you organise your bookshelves or are they a random hotch potch?

I have one shelf full of books I haven't read yet. I also have a separate pile of books I've been sent for review but other than that I arrange my bookshelves so that the tallest books are at one or both ends, smallest in the middle and then I arrange based on what looks best to me always keeping books by the same author together.  

On average, how many books do you read in a year? Do you set yourself an annual goal?

I only started reading again a few years ago after not reading for ages due to a great deal of personal upheaval.  After the first year I discovered the Goodreads challenge and signed up so I could find out how much I read in a year but it varies hugely. For instance last year I think I read about 60 books whereas this year I'm already at 92 and it's still November, while I'm answering this, so I expect to reach at least 100 before the end of the year.  

What was your favourite book or series when growing up? 

I've already mentioned reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys but I also liked the Chalet School series and Sweet Valley High and a few of the Point Horror books. 

Bookmark, random piece of paper or dog ear?

Bookmark if I can find one or if the book is a special edition or fragile in some way, otherwise I dog ear I always have. I know lots of people don't like it but I find it really handy and it reduces the chance of losing a bookmark while on the train or out somewhere.

Do you have a favourite place to curl up and read?

I like reading in bed at night, I've posted the odd tweet to that effect, but if I'm not there I tend to be on the small sofa that I have which has a lamp and table next to it. This means I can have book, light, drink and snack all within easy reach. The lamp is bright enough to read by but not overly bright so it creates a nice, cosy corner of the lounge which is especially lovely in winter when it's dark outside.

Do you have a favourite author?

Now this is a tricky one! I have lots of authors I like, as I suspect does everyone, but there are a few that I always get impatient waiting for their next book to come out. Currently they are J.D. Robb (loving the In Death series!), Lucy Diamond, Rebecca Raisin and Rachael Lucas (always excited about their next books) and Paul Doherty and M.J. Lee (both write amazing historical crime fiction)

You recently passed a creative writing course, does this mean that we will see a novel from you in the near future?

I would love to write a novel, it's something I've thought about doing for years but never been sure if my writing was good enough.  The creative writing course showed me that while I am not currently a brilliant writer I can produce good work so hopefully, once things settle down or post MSc, I might manage to produce a full novel rather than just 2000 word stories.

Thank you very much to Sandra for joining for me! 

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