Monday, 12 December 2016

Through The Gloaming by Katrina Jack - Review

Recently I was lucky enough to review Land Of Midnight Days by Katrina Jack, the first book in The Silver Flute Trilogy and I absolutely loved it! (my review is here) So when I got the chance to review the second book, Through The Gloaming, I absolutely jumped at it. If you haven't read the first book or at least my review, then head off and go and do that first. I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, but I'd hate for something to slip through and me not to have warned about it! 

Through The Gloaming

Sequel to Land of Midnight Days, Jeremiah's journey continues.

Robbed from birth of his voice, Jeremiah Tully is nonetheless a musician of astonishing ability. Having fled after the demon wars to a place of tranquility, he must now return to the city and start all over again.

This time his journey will take him into The Gloaming, a world steeped in perpetual twilight and filled with tormented souls, trapped forever in semi darkness.

My Review

We join Jeremiah and the gang, 6 months after the ending of Land Of Midnight Days and Jeremiah and Helen are in the land of the Elwyn but the time has come for them to return to the "real" world as their battle has not ended but only just begun.

I found I still loved all the characters throughout this book, in particular Jeremiah. Joe and the Monk. The Monk is a new character to the story but made a huge impression on me and I thought he was incredibly interesting. We also meet the Abbot in this book and he is an incredibly hateful but intriguing character as you can't help but thinking there's more to him than meets the eye. Sylvan (Jeremiah's mum) shows a lot of character growth in this book and I definitely started to feel a little warmer towards her. Zeb is his usual boorish self and I still cannot find anything to make me like him any more. He rushes into situations and causes more problems than necessary.

We see a lot more of Jeremiah's power of "seeing" peoples memories in Through The Gloaming which was really well used and made flash backs and explanations a lot more immersive as you were experiencing them the same as Jeremiah was. I'd like to see if Jeremiah has even more powers going into the next and final book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Through The Gloaming and my only real complaint is that these books just aren't long enough, I want more of this world and for everything to take longer so I can still be on this journey instead of only having one book left to read!

I gave this book 5 stars.

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