Saturday, 17 December 2016

Twelve Days And Twelve Books Of Christmas - Day 5

Welcome back to Twelve Days And Twelve Books Of Christmas and I'm onto my stand out book from May, almost half way through already! 

Day 5 - May Book - Whispers Of Bedlam Asylum by Mark C. King

Even the splendour of Victorian Age London was not without its faults. In its heart is one of the darkest places in human history, Bedlam Asylum. The whispered rumours of brutality, fear, and hopelessness turn out to be only the beginning of its cruelty. One man is trying to protect his family by uncovering the worst of Bedlam's hidden secrets. One woman is following in her late husband's footsteps to try and help those that can't help themselves. They will both find that looking for evil does not necessarily make one prepared to find it.

My Thoughts

Whispers Of Bedlam Asylum is Mark's second novel and the second book following main character Sigmund Shaw. (You can read this as a stand alone if you so chose though). Sigmund is one of my favourite characters from this year and I adore his dedication to his family and his honour. In fact all of the characters in Whispers are absolutely brilliant. There are two really amazing, bright, strong and independent women in Charlotte an Sarah. And there are two excellent male side kick characters in Chief-Inspector Holmes and Basil an inmate in Bedlam Asylum. 

I mention it in my full review here, but I have to mention again that it's rare when an author gets the perfect balance of world building and character development, but I think it's done in Whispers. I could perfectly picture the Victorian London that the author wanted me to and scenes in the asylum were intense, I also want to meet the people I am reading about. 

Whispers Of Bedlam Asylum will stay with me for a long time and I will continue to love Mark's work. I currently have The Tomb Of Hannu waiting to be read which I need to get to ASAP! 

I'd never have thought I'd be recommending a historical fiction, action adventure with some steampunk elements book, but here I am doing it because this book is just THAT good. 

Tomorrow well be onto day 6 already and I will have my stand out book from June, so please come back to see what I recommend. 

About The Author

I was actually lucky enough to interview Mark back in June, so for more information, please check that out here.

Mark King is an easy-going writer with a talent for finding enjoyment in most any situation. He’s a lifelong reader whose literary interests include science fiction, adventure, thriller, and mysteries, to name a few. When not working or writing, he can be found watching movies, kayaking, associating with friends, and of course reading.

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