Thursday, 8 December 2016

Jungle Rock by Caroline James - Review

All the way back in March, I reviewed Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me by Caroline James and I absolutely loved it (If you want to see me review, it is HERE), so when I got the opportunity to try Caroline's latest work, Jungle Rock, I jumped at the chance. 

Jungle Rock Synopsis

Handsome young chef Zach Docherty is feeling the heat. Following an exposĂ© in a national newspaper, his fiancĂ©e Poppy Dunlop has broken their engagement. Heartbroken at the thought of life without Poppy, Zach drowns his sorrows and, when his agent suggests that Zach becomes a contestant in a reality TV show, Jungle Survival, he reluctantly agrees. Plunged deep in the jungle, into a bizarre mix of talent and trials, Zach meets glamour model Cleo Petra, and the cameras go crazy. 
Will Zach survive and be crowned Jungle King? Or will his latest exploits push Poppy further away... 

My Review

Caroline James has blown me away again! I'll hold my hands up and say I'm not a fan of reality TV and have never watched I'm A Celeb,.. which Jungle Survival is based on, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Zach's adventures in the Jungle and the way it affected both him and the other celeb contestants that he met while in there. 

Jungle Rock can be read as a stand alone but it features characters from Caroline James' other books and I was definitely glad that I was getting more of Zach and Poppy as I loved their story in Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me. They are both great characters and you get to know them both even better in Jungle Rock. 

The writing is smooth and beautiful as usual, I find Caroline James' writing really easy and enjoyable to read. The world building is done really well and you can picture each setting vividly. The characters, both old and new are all really well developed and I liked seeing more of Bob, Zach's manager. It was good to catch up with Jo and Hattie too, Hattie is still as wonderful as ever! But now I need to know what happened to the man Jo ended up with (not naming names so no spoilers) at the end of Coffee, Tea, The Caribbean and Me as he wasn't mentioned, so hopefully that will come out in a future book. 

Jungle Rock is such a happy story, though it does take you through the works to get to that stage. It was really nice to read something so fun and happy. 

I do have to mention the cover of Jungle Rock, all the covers of Caroline's books are perfectly suited to the story and this one didn't disappoint. The colours are bright and engaging and you really get drawn to the book. 

Overall a really fun and quick read and I look forward to reading more books by Caroline James in the future. 

I gave this book 5 stars. 

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